Fill the Gap on Missed Calls with a Dental Answering Service

Fill the Gap on Missed Calls with a Dental Answering Service

Fill the Gap on Missed Calls with a Dental Answering Service

Dentistry offices need to be doing more than just caring for crowns and cleaning teeth. As a healthcare service that’s always in high demand, dentists need to maintain an easy flow of communication with their patients. That’s where our dental answering services come in!

Here at ZenithPA, we’re the call management experts—offering a range of cutting-edge answering services to take the pressure off your shoulders!

Our team ensures no call goes unanswered so that you can maintain operational efficiency, and peak patient satisfaction.

We manage appointment scheduling directly in your calendar, optimising your time. Say goodbye to voicemail—every call is answered in your name, as if it’s by your own office.

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The Importance of Every Call to Your Dental Practice

Dentist offices must handle the influx of calls even during their busiest hours. Whether it’s to make an emergency appointment, schedule a check-up, or inquire about braces, callers expect a responsive service.

Missed calls are opportunities lost, and the more they fall into oblivion, the more important business your dental offices are losing out on.

Common Call Management Challenges for Dental Practices

Dental offices deal with a variety of communication problems on a daily basis, and the constant buzz of phones is just one of them!

Reception Staff Unavailability

Your dentist answering service will come in handy when employees are ill, on yearly leave, or simply unavailable. It will alleviate pressure and allow you to focus on more important things.

The Cost of Diverting Qualified Dentists to Answer Calls

Time is precious, especially in dentistry. Dental professionals should focus on delivering superior patient care, not dialling numbers. Therefore, implementing an effective dentist phone answering service will ensure that the experts are doing what they’re trained to do.

The Struggle with After-Hours Calls

Even though some patients might think otherwise, your dentist practice isn’t open around the clock.

Investing in a responsive after-hours dental answering service will make handling calls while you’re not at your desk much easier.

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Introducing Zenith PA: Your Dental Answering Service Solution

So, what’s so great about our dentist answering service here at ZenithPa?

Here’s a breakdown!

Seamless Call Handling by Zenith PA

Our call management service is smooth from the time we answer the phone until we hang up. We can even help with scheduling appointments and entering them straight into your calendar so that you always have simple access to information.

Customised Service Tailored to Dental Practices

No two dentistry offices are the same. That’s why we provide a tailored service, so you can adjust your dentist answering solution to suit your specific requirements. We’re also proficient in a range of dental software, and we can apply this technology to your system.

Ensuring Confidentiality and Trust

Your confidence in us means everything, and confidentiality is something we take very seriously. We are more than willing to sign NDAs and pledge complete discretion in order to earn the trust of our clients.

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The Zenith PA Difference: Dental Answering Service

Our goal is for your business to succeed, and providing a dental answering service is just the beginning!

Integration with Your Dental Practice’s Systems

Ensuring a seamless user experience is our top property. Our staff will collaborate well with yours to ensure that issues are resolved efficiently and promptly by integrating with your system.

Full Coverage: Regular Hours and After Hours

No hour is too late for us! Our dental answering service operates all around the clock, including regular business hours and after-hours answering services for effective dental management.

A Partner in Your Practice’s Growth

Improving your communication is instrumental to your practice’s success. At ZenithPA, we’ll do more than cover for you when it comes to taking calls—we’ll also help your company grow by assisting with patient scheduling and communication that works.

Getting Started with Zenith PA

Now you know the incredible benefits of upgrading your dentist answering service, why not give it a try for yourself?

Our call management experts will set up the perfect system for your operational flow. And if demand changes, we’ll customise your system accordingly.

Just head over to our website or Facebook today to learn more about our dentist phone answering service solutions, and transform your practice’s call management today! It’s the best way to increase patient satisfaction, and support your staff.